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Automatic Pogdesign/EZTV synchronizer

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

You’re maybe familiar with Pogdesign, a british website offering a free TV Shows online calendar; when registering, you can add filters for the TV Shows you follow, and access to the corresponding Ical file.

Like utorrent RSS synchronizer, I wanted to automatically look for the release of my favorite shows using rtorrent. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of tools around the web to do it, but I preferred to do it myself.

Here is a little script that:

  • Checks in your PogDesign calendar if new shows are airing today
  • Updates your shows database according to your calendar
  • Checks on EZTV RSS Feed if any of your show is available for download
  • Puts the appropriate .torrent files in the location you want

You’ll need sqlite3, perl5, DBI::SQLite and XML::RSS::Parser::Lite (just run perl -MCPAN -e ‘install XML::RSS::Parser::Lite’).

Just open the script and adjust the top-variables according to your needs (url of the calendar, path to store the torrents, RSS Feed). Run the script with -v to get verbose output (useful for logging when put in a crontab every day 🙂 ), run it with -t to get the list of the RSS torrents, and with -s to see your waiting shows.

The code is ugly, and regexes need improvement. I plan to do an automatic subtitles synchronyzer later.